Vivalux LTX Backlit Matte – 5 Mil


3746 Vivalux LTX is a 5 mil matte backlit film designed and certified for HP® Latex inkjet printers. When used with HP® Latex inks, Vivalux LTX guarantees a brilliant, high density image that is not only quick drying but long lasting too. 3746 is waterproof and suitable for outdoor use making it a great choice for city light box displays!


  • Certified for HP® Latex Inks
  • Outdoor Durable / Water Resistant
  • Polyester Base
  • High Color Density and Brillance
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Compatible with 3796 for DyeSub Backlit


  • City Light Box Displays
  • Outdoor Backlit Displays
  • Indoor Backlit Displays
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