Dust Free Substrate Cutters


Substrate cutting made easy, by America’s leader in vertical cutting. Cut the essential sign making materials including and not limited to PVC, foam board, MDF, acrylic, magnetic sheet, and corrugated plastic! This machine features 65″ maximum crosscut, while the 210A features an 82″ maximum crosscut, and the 250A features a 98″ maximum crosscut. There are no other differences between our substrate cutters.

Single blade cartridge cutting up to (20mm/.75in)
• Three blade utility cartridge cutting up to 13mm/.5in
• ACM Cutting Wheel cartridge
• Acrylic scoring cartridge
• Wall Mounting Kit
• Clamping System
• Two Production Stops
• Integrated Laser Sight Line
• Integral Counter Weight
• Two Upper Frame Quickstops



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