ProTex™ Protection Tissue


ProTex™ tissue’s high density composition provides the highest yield and the strongest barrier protection possible. Its heat resistant features extend the life of the calendar belt by preventing surplus dye-sub gasses from contaminating the recirculating the belt of the rotary calendar press. Its high tensile strength prevents web tear outs. You’ll save time with educed roll changes with ProTex™ tissue’s longer roll lengths. Compatible with ALL oil and electric heated rotary drum calendars.

Key features of ProTex™

Lower basis weight: Reduces square area cost, transport, storage and disposal costs
Natural color: No bleaching agents, less harmful to the environment
Longer roll length: Fewer roll changes, less downtime
Formaldehyde free: Eliminates a major cause of heat induced textile yellowing
Neutral ph: Retains most tensile strength after prolonged exposure to heat
Recyclable: 100% recyclable ingredients High Density Natural Eucalyptus Barrier

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