Rolled Substrate Cutters


Our RC6 & RC8 roll cutter cuts polycarbonate reel stock without bending over with an exposed saw blade in hand.

A cutting system for processing reel stock polycarbonate, most commonly found in .118”, .150”, .177″, and .187″ thicknesses, the RC6 Roll Cutter offers a 80″ maximum cut while the RC8 Roll Cutter offers a 104″maximum cut length.

The RC6 & RC8 will save your back, save time, and drive your bottom line. Watch the video and see how the RC6 & RC8 can change your business.

Advantages include:
Clean edge after making a cut
Accurate and square cutting capability
Reduces material waste from current cutting methods
Safety of cutting without an exposed saw blade
Reduction of time required for setting up and completing cuts
Standard Equipment Includes:
Wheels for portability and easier transportation from the storage area and cutting location
35′ Measuring tape
60 Tooth carbide tip blade
Retractable power cord
Self-lubricating lead screw and nut for easier movement
System of four adjustable clamps for holding down material



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