Value Cut 2 Plotter


MUTOH’s ValueCut 2 Multi-Purpose Cutting Plotter line offers all the functionality required by professional sign makers for a variety of jobs, including:

Traditional vinyl cutting for lettering
Contour cutting of pre-printed stickers
Cut through feature for the creation of individual stickers
The ValueCut series gives you the finest cutting quality with superior tracking. ValueCut 2 cutters are available in three models to match the most common needs:

ValueCut 600 – maximum media width of 30 inches
ValueCut 1300 – maximum media width of 62 inches
ValueCut 1800 – maximum media width of 74 inches
Print and cut at the same time for maximum productivity

There are many advantages to utilizing a separate printer and cutter workflow, including the ability to print and cut at the same time so one operation does not stop the other. The Mutoh system allows you to do this and still maintain a productive workflow.

With a MUTOH ValueCut 2, you have all the features and control you need, including our unique job recognition feature that allows you to reliably contour cut and our multi-segment cutting feature to cut long jobs with superior accuracy. The ValueCut 2 includes an Ethernet port to run multiple cutters from the same computer, over longer distances. The VC2 comes standard with an “AAS Copy feature” which runs repeated cut jobs with one click from the RIP. In addition, the ValueCut 2 now lets you disable the media sensor to allow cutting transparent media with ease.

24″, 52″ and 72″ cutting plotters
Offers USB, Ethernet, and serial port connections
Media Sensor Disablement to cut transparent media
Intuitive job recognition and alignment of contour and cut data
Multi-segment registration capability for accurate long run cut jobs
Catch basket included on VC-1300 and VC-1800models (optional on VC-600)
Flexi Starter software
Includes cutting holder, spare cutter blade, oil ball point pen, media cutter, and cutter pad.
Two year limited warranty

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