Vivalux LTX Backlit Heavy Matte – 8 Mil


3747 Vivalux LTX Heavy is an 8 mil matte backlit specially formulated for the latex printer platform. It’s ultra-absorbent matte coating is designed to produce maximum image performance, black density, and color vibrancy with HP® Latex inks. Vivalux LTX is made of a premium polyester base that makes it ideal for large displays and lightbox applications.


  • Outdoor Durable / Water Resistant
  • Premium Polyester Base
  • Optimized for HP® Latex Inks
  • Durable Matte Coating
  • Compatible with UV inks
  • Compatible with 3796 for DyeSub Backlit


  • City Light Box Displays
  • Outdoor Backlit Displays
  • Indoor Backlit Displays
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